LBJ Designs mission is to help you strategize a way to get your information to the public,  through the use of the internet, by utilizing web pages and social networking sites.

 I like to do business by personally communicating with the client of their needs in a web site and by providing advice with the most effective and fastest way of conveying your message to the highest number of internet browsing people.
I am a small startup company that has worked with small businesses, clubs and non-profit agencies to quickly get their information out to the public by the means of web pages, Facebook pages, and blogs with an affordable price.  I use a user-friendly template to create web pages and will instruct you on how to make changes easily within your newly created website.  I will take the time to train this user-friendly tool to you, so that text, pictures, , and other tool can easily be added.  I always want my customers completely satisfied so I give the best support possible.
Please refer to the link Testimonials  in the navigation bar to view examples of web pages I have worked with or currently in the process of creating.  Adjacent of the examples of sites are corresponding client reviews on the satisfaction of the quality of the product and customer support I had provided to their satisfaction.

This website is created by @LBJDesigns