About Me

I grew up in a small town in central Iowa and attended Iowa State University in Ames, IA.  I received a Major in Management Information Systems and a Major in Transportation and Logistics.  In college I interned at the Iowa Department of Transportation, with the Engineering Department, by providing their technical support and creating their intranet site.

After graduation, I veered towards the career path of Management Information Systems and started working with the Iowa Department of Education for 10 years. I developed many of their applications for the Finance Department, Transportation Department, Special Education and Basic Education Data Survey Area.  I started programming with HTML, ASP, VB Script and used SQL language to retrieve data from databases. Over time, I migrated towards programming ASP.NET and managing the applications data in databases, and creating reports for the departments.

Recently, I have changed careers with a different company to help guide them towards ASP.NET for their in-house applications and maintaining databases.

Lately, I have been approached for providing resources to help start web pages for local organizations and clubs that I am involved with.  After completing a couple of sites and enjoying doing this kind of creative work, I have been approached several more times.  I enjoy helping the local clubs, organizations and small businesses  enter the web world and social network to get their information communicated, as fast as possible.  By seeing the demand and how much I enjoyed it, I decided to start my own business.  I get the satisfaction of helping others get their website they desire and social pages for a reasonable price. 

I take pride in my work and enjoy knowing the client is satisfied with their finished product.  After project completion, I work closely with the client guiding them with instructions on how to change text, upload pictures, and add documents with a user-friendly tool.   

Tara Huntrods
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