Obtaining URL - I will assist in the process of  purchasing a URL, if you have not obtained one already.

Creating Web Site- I will create your website and assist you along the way on how I make the changes and how you can make the changes in the future if you want to do the updates yourself. Otherwise, I always assist my clients in any additions or obtain the quality product we are both looking for.

Email address -  I will help you set up a google email account for your business, organization, or club.

Google Analytics- This is a great way to analyze your site.  I will help set up the account where we can monitor page clicks, what pages have the most traffic, and what region the visitors are coming from.  

Search Engine Optimization - I will register your URL to google, and verify your site to optimize your URL in search engines.

Customer Support - I like to work with the client on a one-on-one basis where I understand the product you are wanting to achieve. I am willing to train on how to use the system to get to your email, documents, website, analytics, and etc. I assist in any updates or additions that need to be done after the site is up and running.

Social Networking -  I can help you start a Facebook fan page and add a 'like' button to your website. I also help set up any blogs where you can convey your information or messages to the internet world.