I approached Tara about a simple way to get changes of soccer information to everyone involved in our local area. She suggested a website. After 2 days, she had most of it finished and ready for me to market it to interested soccer kids and parents involved. I was so pleased with the looks of the site and timeliness that I helped her do another site for me.  I have had so many compliments from the community on how much easier it is to get the up-to-date information from the web.
Thank you Tara!
Kesha Christie

Tara is our Angel to the Bassets! At least that is what we named her. Our old web site needed some help, with layouts and updating. One of our volunteers told me about Tara and the great work she has done with other websites, so I said go for it! Within one week, Tara had our old web site directing to a new one, all the available basset profiles up and running, as well as creating us an Adoption Story page, which I just LOVE. Previous bassets that were adopted can have their stories told on there, and we are in the process of adding all that we can.

Tara even made us a donation page that links to PayPal, and in this day and age, any non-profit group needs an easy way for people to donate. With about 3 clicks, they can.

Iowa Basset Hound Rescue gives Tara FOUR PAWS up, and remember, drool is cool, and so is Miss Tara.

Thank you, Cindy Foxhoven, director,  Iowa Basset Hound Rescue


I have been on our local school PTA for about 5 years now, and I have always wanted a more up to date way to reach parents and members of the community about our group, as well as our activities and fundraisers. After seeing the great website she created for a local soccer club, I knew that was just what we needed. A simple website, but also up to date and easy to navigate.
After contacting Tara, she had a website up and running, complete with slide show with pictures from our events within a day. It was much easier for me to present our group with the idea, since they could see it, and then make comments on what to add, change, etc… since they could see it in person. Tara was also on hand at our meeting to explain things we could add in the future, etc.
Collins-Maxwell PIE is very happy with what Tara put togther for us, and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Tara!
Susan Livesay

Tara revamped our old site and we consider the new look as very professional looking.
Tara is knowledgeable/helpful and answers all your questions. She was very creative & peronalizes it to meet your needs.  The site has increased our business  and has added new clients from visiting our website and getting our business contact information.
Rob and Deanna Davis
 This is my own website I created that contains information about the
city of Maxwell, IA.  This site was created to support local events and business in the area.  I also created an online bulletin board for the locals to post their events, clubs/organizations and promote their businesses.

Beforehand, I had approached Tara about a soccer web site and was impressed so I had her help me put together a library site for the community. She took the time and patience to instruct me on how to use the simple tool to make a website. As she helped me create pages she also gave me easy understandable directions on how to make changes to the site when I had updates.
Kesha Christie
(in progress of creating)

This service is great.  The marketing possibiliites that have been made available to our town are incalcuable.  We can showcase our town in so many ways that we had never thought of before.  It is exciting and goes along way in helping us to develop our community improvement planse.  LBJ Designs has been courteous, professional, and inventive in the services that they have provided us.   
Mayor of Collins, Brett Comegys